Lessiter’s chocolate factory

19 June 2015
19 June 2015 whitehot

Lessiter’s chocolate factory

Lessiter's chocolate factory

On Wednesday 17 June we visited Lessiter’s, a chocolate factory in Knebworth. When we arrived we were kindly greeted by Nina who took us through the health and safety protocols in the factory and the legal requirements that are followed by the family run company in order to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. We then had the great opportunity to have a tour around the factory where we were able to see the chocolate being made at different stages of production, from the moulding of the chocolate, to the packaging of the chocolate that is then stored, ready to be delivered to retailers such as Waitrose and Thorntons.


Overall, the trip was really fun and it has helped with our Food Technology studies as we saw food safety laws being put into practise. The visit was extremely valuable and also allowed us to gain an insight into the production of chocolate.

Mrs Appleby

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