Boy holding geometric shapeMathematics is taught to all students up to GCSE level and then offered to the most able mathematicians for A level. In addition we are able to offer A-Level Further Mathematics where the students study a mathematics A level in year 12 and then study the further modules in year 13, this is positive as it means students have a confirmed grade when applying to universities.

The department is staffed well and the results gained are regularly some of the best in the school. Students enjoy lessons and are taught using a range of techniques in a mastery curriculum meaning we work hard to ensure all students access the whole curriculum and are taught depth of understanding with explanations of why the maths works. Students are taught in broadly mixed ability groupings in years 7 to 9. These setting arrangements incorporate provision for our highest attaining students and those who need extra support. This programme allows movement to take place between the sets. The faculty also contributes to cross curricular lessons within the school.

The teachers in mathematics regularly assess the students and track their progress, we assess in all lessons using a variety of assessment techniques. The students will be given weekly online homework tasks in which they can access support through videos, if students still struggle we are very proud to be able to offer support throughout the week after school. Topic tests are given throughout the year as well as being formally examined at the end of each year and all of these tests are analysed with the students at question level to highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Long Term Plans

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