The Nobel School exists to educate young people. We need your support in ensuring that your child has good, consistent attendance at school as this is crucial in giving him/her the best chance of success.

The Law

The law says that parents do not have the right to take their child out of school for holidays during term-time. If there are exceptional circumstances schools may, at the headteacher’s discretion, authorise an absence. If you take a holiday without the school’s prior permission or if the child fails to return on the agreed date this will be recorded as unauthorised absence (truancy), and noted on the child’s Record of Achievement. In cases of extended unauthorised absence the school may also decide to take the child off roll. This could result in you having to apply to a different school for your child.

Holiday Application Form

School’s Decision

Except under exceptional circumstances the school will not authorise leave of absence for a pupil during term time. In order to prevent your child having a record of truancy the agreement of the school for leave of absence must be sought. Any request for consideration of exceptional circumstances must be notified to the school in writing well before final confirmation of the holiday is made (and, at the latest, 3 school weeks before the intended absence). This will allow the school time to reply and allow you to change arrangements as necessary.

When deciding whether to allow term time leave, the headteacher will consider:

  • the exceptional circumstances necessitating the absence;
  • the child’s age; the time and duration of the leave;
  • the child’s record of attendance
  • the Form Tutor comments about the severity of the effects of the absence.

There are only 190 statutory school days in one year. There are 175 days (weekends and school holidays) available to use for holidays, which would not have a negative effect on your child’s
education. Every school day counts!

Parent/Guardian Decision

You need to consider the disadvantages to your child’s education caused by missing irreplaceable time at school.

Please consider the unspoken message you are giving your child, by letting them think it is acceptable to miss school. Some young people with severe truancy problems have reported that it all started when they had a week or two off school for a holiday.

Holidays in school time may be less expensive


Your Child’s Education is Priceless!

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