Ballet girlDance is studied in the three strands of Performance, Composition and Appreciation Allowing students to improve their physical ability, stamina and dance skills through practical participation in different dance styles. Students have the opportunity to perform as a soloist, and as part of a group. Dance gives students confidence and expression, understanding a deeper value of a healthy lifestyle and expressive ability. We also offer a variety of extra-curricular dance clubs across all years, community outreach and performances to further enrich our students’ experience of dance.

Year 7 & 8

One lesson a fortnight in Years 7 and 8, where students explore different dance styles (street and contemporary), building knowledge of choreographic terminology through practical tasks.

Year 9

Students study dance once a week as part of a foundation year into GCSE, they are taught choreographic process through contemporary dance, contact and physical theatre styles, look closely at professional choreographers as a source of inspiration for choreographic outcomes.

GCSE & A Level

Performance – the skills necessary to perform successfully as part of group or a soloist learning how to improve their performance techniques.

Choreography – how to create movement from a stimulus, how to develop and structure it into a coherent piece of work either from a stimulus or inspired from a professional choreographer.

Appreciation – studying dances and appreciating what makes them successful, studying various professional dances interpreting their themes, movement, lighting, costume and design.

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