Online Payments

How to Pay

The school uses an online payment method which makes it easier to pay for trips, visits and anything else requiring payment. You can access it at any time, track how much you have paid, see how much is outstanding and make payments directly to us using your debit or credit card.

The system is also linked to the Schools Cashless Catering System and in an effort to reduce queues at the food servers, we have made the decision to go ‘fully cashless’.

This means that staff and students will not be able to pay for any of their food or drinks with cash. They must either be registered to use the biometric system (thumb prints) or remember to bring in their swipe card enabling them to pay for their purchases using the cashless system.

Online payment - mouse and keyboards

What to do next?

There are two ways for you to put money into your child’s account:

  • You will need to register for a School Gateway account from You will then need to enter the email address and mobile number we have on record for you. When you have entered your email address and mobile number, select the Send PIN button, a PIN number will be sent to your mobile phone. You can then use this PIN number to log into the School Gateway and view or make payments. You can access this facility using a computer with internet access or on your smart phone.
  • You can simply give your child the money and they can use one of the two Reval Machines in school to load money onto their account. One is located by the Grab ‘n’ Go area and the other is located next to the ELM department at the top of the stairs.

If your child is going on a trip you will be able to allocate any money in your account to a specific activity if it has been set up on the system by the school. Once you have accessed the system, follow the onscreen instructions. However in the first instance deposits to reserve your child’s place on the trip still needs to be returned direct to the school using cash or cheque.

If you have any questions about online payment through, please contact us at the school.

Get the School GateWay App

Please follow the instructions to install the App on your smart phone. There is not currently an app for Windows or Blackberry smart phones.

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