The Inspire Curriculum is a carefully designed programme for our highest attaining KS3 and KS4 students. Within the Inspire Curriculum, students complete a range of activities across a number of subject areas. This helps our students to develop their critical thinking and knowledge to a deeper understanding.

The current programme consists of:

Big Questions

A topical question is introduced to students by one of our subject specialists. They are then shown videos, sources, articles and more to discuss and debate in order to come to their own conclusions. This has been highly successful over the past few years, with students gaining more experience in speaking publicly and forming opinions on important topics.


Following on from the introduction of the ‘Big Question’, students are then encouraged to discuss and debate their side of the argument.

The Essay Competition

Students are given a choice of 4 essays to select from. They are introduced to the style of writing necessary to succeed in essay subjects at GCSE, A Level and even University. They are then invited to research their topic in after school sessions, shown where to find credible sources, citing these sources correctly using university style referencing and how to decide on their own conclusions on real-life topics.

Nobel Networking Events

With the help of the Nobel Network, Inspire students have the opportunity to speak to ex-Nobelians in a range of careers. These events have been hugely beneficial to students in gaining an understanding of how former Nobelians have progressed and tackled life obstacles. Students are also then given an opportunity to ask questions of their choosing to further their knowledge on the chosen careers.


In the interview section of the Inspire Curriculum, students are provided with a general topic of an unseen article to research and prepare answers before being quizzed in a short interview. Students will be encouraged to research and show their passion for the topic of choice, where the best interviewees will receive commendation for their efforts.

This is particularly useful for introducing students to the pressure and importance of interviews, preparing them for potential job and university processes.


“I enjoyed the meeting on Friday as it gave me an idea about life outside of school and the different challenges I would have to overcome”

“It was really inspiring that we got to talk to someone who is one of very few women in their area of work”

“Thank you so much for making Inspire with you so fun! The activities in and out of school, that you set, were very fun to do and I enjoyed it so much!”

“I feel like I never really said thank you to you for inspire so thank you for this term, it helped me a lot in my writing and has helped grow my confidence overall, and I’ve enjoyed it lots”

“I would just like to say a massive thanks to you all for helping us write our essays and arranging all of this as well as taking time out of your Thursday evenings to do this as well as marking our essays, we really appreciate it all! I have really enjoyed it and it has been lots of fun. Thank you so much!”

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