The development of a child’s character is an obligation we all share as parents, teachers and role models. Every child has the right to experience effective character education therefore this needs to be formative and embedded across all aspects of school life. It cultivates the virtues of character associated with common morality and develops students’ understanding of what excellence looks like in diverse spheres of human endeavour. Character development involves caring for and respecting others as well as caring for and respecting oneself. At Nobel we believe that students should be allowed to flourish as a result of good academic, moral and civic virtues in order to have ‘a life lived well’. Our aim is to establish confident and compassionate Nobelians, who are effective contributors to society, successful learners and responsible citizens who are able to lead fulfilling lives.


Nobelians should:

  • Aspire to reach their full potential, showing gratitude for their right to a quality education.
  • Be resilient and confident young people who are organised, resourceful and reflective learners,
  • Be well-informed about opportunities beyond school, and fully prepared for adult life and the world of work.
  • Experience a sense of pride in our school and its community, expanding this to the outside world.
  • Be contributors to the cultural life of the school and community through participation and leading others.
  • Value the feelings and opinions of others, through being caring citizens, displaying a mutual respect for all.

This is achieved through:

  • Delivering a rich and diverse curriculum and exploring our three school virtues in order to build cultural capital.
  • The chance to experience a plethora of cultural and academic opportunities beyond what is currently available to them in a bid to inspire the students to extend their learning outside the classroom.
  • A PSHCE curriculum that enables our students to understand the importance of empathy and tolerance.
  • A focus on non-competitive clubs and involvement in charity events.
  • Being rewarded for going above and beyond.
  • Exploring the world around them including others’ values and beliefs.
  • Receiving quality advice and guidance in order for them to make informed choices
  • An extensive careers programme which is thoroughly planned, catering for all learners.
  • Students experiencing success and making progress.

We hope that all our students have a school experience which engenders a lifelong fondness, attachment to, and pride in Nobel that will encourage continued contact for alumni and provide a continuity of educational excellence for future generations.

Reward System

It is important to recognise that the following structure is applicable to all years including sixth form and that the higher years need to be recognised just as frequently as the lower years.

We award points for ABC:

ACHIEVE the best we can
BUILD our character
CARE for our community


ABC points are awarded for work/effort/progression in students’ own academic ability. This can be through assessments, homework or effort in class.

Opportunities for awarding ABC points – outstanding classwork (1 ABC point), outstanding HW (1 ABC point), rapid progress (1 ABC point), Teacher Award (2 ABC points) (one student per class per fortnight), Subject Award (5 ABC points) (one student per subject per year group per half term).


ABC points are awarded for improving students’ own behaviour, attitude and personality traits. Here we need to spot individual characteristics that show a student is looking to improve their contribution to society. We have a set of core values that we believe demonstrates that of a good human being.

A Nobelian is:

  • SAFE

Opportunities for awarding ABC points – outstanding effort (1 ABC point), completing a section of the ABC tasks (ABC point specified in booklet), being an outstanding Nobelian (1 ABC point), club attendance (1 ABC point), Form Tutor Award (2 ABC points) (one student per form per fortnight), Year Group Award (5 ABC points) (one student per year group per half term), 100% attendance (3 ABC points) (per half term).


ABC points are awarded for actions that help or take into account the feelings of others. We need to train our students to think of others and perform selfless acts, and as staff we need to encourage and spot examples to promote this aspect of being a Nobelian. Heads of Year can be a driving force on one aspect of this through their charity activities (where possible).

Opportunities for awarding ABC points – being an outstanding Nobelian towards others (1 ABC point), conducting a tour (1 ABC point), assembly participation (1 ABC point), Student Voice attendance (1 ABC point), Mentoring (2 ABC points) (one student per fortnight), Charitable Work (2 ABC points)

Certificate Structure

KS3: 30
KS4: 20
KS5: 10
Signed by: Form Tutor
KS3: 60
KS4: 40
KS5: 20
Signed by: Head of Year
KS3: 90
KS4: 60
KS5: 30
Signed by: SLT (NBN)

KS3: 120
KS4: 80
KS5: 40
Signed by: Headteacher
KS3: 150
KS4: 100
KS5: 50
Signed by: Governor

Rewards Structure

Rewards Structure

Character Education
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