28 February 2023 nobel

Industrial Action

Dear parents and carers,

As you may have heard, the NEU (National Education Union) still intends to take industrial action next Wednesday 1 March.

In preparation, we have made the following additional arrangements for next week’s strike:

Year 7 should come to school and report to their tutor room registers will be taken at 9:45am. School will finish earlier at 2:45pm. They should bring books and expect to be taught in all four lessons

  • Year 11 will be taking their mock examinations and should arrive on time for their first examination. Some students will have morning examinations, these will start at 8:30. If students do not have an examination in the morning, they should study at home. All yr11 students should be in school for their Maths examination at 12:30. For both sessions please report to the auditorium
  • Year 12 and 13 should come into school at the usual time, attending all the lessons that are running and then leaving school at 1:20pm, there will be no afternoon lessons.
  • All other year groups, Yr. 8, Yr. 9, and yr.10 will need to stay at home, work will be provided.

Lunchtime will be shorter, but food will be available. There will be no clubs.

If there are any changes to the above arrangements, we shall contact you again.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support,

Warm regards
Martyn Henson

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