Students on the stairs

The school currently operates a 10 day timetable. In addition to form period and assembly, there are 5 sixty minute teaching periods each day. The day begins at 8.30am and morning break is at 10.35am.

Lunch is at 12.55pm for all students and lasts 50 minutes.  The school’s catering contractor, Edwards and Blake, offers a range of cooked foods, snacks and salads. Packed lunches can be eaten in the dining room.

School finishes at different times depending on whether Literacy takes place that day. Literacy takes place on Mondays and Thursdays and school finishes at 3.25pm. There is no literacy on Tuesdays, Thursdays  and Fridays, so school finishes at 3.05pm. On Wednesday school finishes at 2.45pm.

School Day Structure

Monday and Thursday Tuesday and Friday
Register 8.30am 8.30am
Period 1 8.35am 8.35am
Period 2 9.35am 9.35am
Break 10.35am 10.35am
Period 3 10.55am 10.55am
Period 4 11.55am 11.55am
Lunch 12.55pm 12.55pm
Reading 1.45pm
Period 5 2.05pm 1.45pm
Form Time /Assembly 3.05pm 2.45pm
Finish 3.25pm 3.05pm
Super Wednesday
Register 8.30am
Period 1 8.35am
Period 2 9.35am
Break 10.35am
Period 3 10.55am
Period 4 11.55am
Lunch 12.55pm
Period 5 1.45pm
Finish 2.45pm
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