STEP and MAT Advanced Tuition

Nobel Extra is delighted to be able to offer a unique opportunity to both Nobel students and the local community to participate in a series of modules designed to prepare students for the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT) for Oxford University entrance or for STEP and AEA examinations

The first module will begin on Saturday 31st October at 10am at Nobel school.

We will be working in the following areas:

  1.  Engaging with unknown challenging maths texts and solving interview type questions
  2. Working on STEP/MAT/AEA and unstructured problems.
  3.  Improving and extending understanding of the A-level syllabus.

Course Contents

Module 1 Introduction to advanced problem solving, maths notation and logical thinking. Interview preparation.
Module 2 Curve sketching, analysing functions.  Interview preparation.
Module 3 Proofs.  Interview preparation.
Module 4 Understanding of calculus
Module 5 Integration techniques
Module 6 Trigonometry
Module 7 Vectors


In the first session, we will be looking at questions from both the Cambridge/Oxford reading lists and MAT and STEP and an overview of the required maths skills.
At the end of this session you will be provided with some notes and assignments in preparation for your maths interviews and MAT.

During each session some time will be allocated to:

  • working on shorter mathematics questions where the students are required to think on the spot and discuss maths;
  • exemplifying problem solving techniques but for the majority of each session the students will engage in solving STEP level problems under the teacher’s supervision
  • discussion of maths independent reading and unstructured unseen problems.

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What Makes This Course Different?

Unlike online university lectures, we will be able to guide your progress in MAT/interview/STEP from start to finish. Each session is 3 hours rather than just one hour, which enables the students to make significantly more progress per session. By working as a small group of students with two teachers, we are able to offer a significant saving from the private one-to-one lessons normally offered for this tuition.

Because of the high level of attainment sought from this opportunity, all students will be expected to demonstrate full commitment to the course. This will entail them attending all sessions and completing and engaging with problem solving tasks both in the class room and independently at home, when instructed. In the interest of others learning, any students found not fulfilling this criteria may be asked to leave the course.

Each student’s work will be marked individually, given individual feedback and their progress Homework assignments will include: thorough reading focused on unseen maths texts and attempting some of the problems in the texts, reading and practising some A-Level material and a weekly problem solving assignment.

Cost per 5 week, 15 hour module: £300.00 payable before commencement of the course.
Please note that you will be committing to a 5 week course of 15 hours tuition with marked assignments. Students will be expected to attend all sessions in order to make significant progress. The price is the total sum for 5 weeks of tuition and could be paid in instalments.

The course is being led by Dr. Irina Tolchenova and Dr. Roman Tolchenov Both: MSc, PhD in Physics and Mathematics.

Dr. Tolchenova is a Lead Practitioner for Mathematics and teaches A-level classes at The Nobel school.

Apply to Join

A significant discount is available to Nobel Students please enquire via Dr Tolchenova. If you would like to be considered for a place or need more information, please contact:

Telephone: 01438 222600

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